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Erik J Friedrich

CEO, Friedrich Engr. & Constructions

Friedrich Engr. & Constructions’s leaders come from all walks of life and business. What they share: a persistent drive to explore and change the way the world builds. Meet our esteemed CEO in the realm of steel construction:

About The CEO

In the dynamic world of steel construction, where precision and cost-efficiency reign supreme, our CEO stands as a luminary, combining a distinct set of skills to create remarkable outcomes. With a discerning eye for economical structural design and a profound mastery of both domestic and international steel procurement strategies, the CEO consistently achieves extraordinary 20% cost reductions, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

The CEO’s expertise extends beyond the confines of design and procurement, encompassing a proven track record in providing expert testimony in arbitration, mediation, and civil court proceedings relating to steel construction. This extraordinary ability has led to triumphs that have redefined the landscape of legal strategies in the industry.

Notable Achievements

Representing Excellence in Iconic Projects

Madison Square Garden Renovation

The CEO orchestrated the oversight of four simultaneous structural steel contracts during an $850M renovation of the Madison Square Garden. This exceptional feat showcased meticulous oversight and strategic decision-making, cementing the CEO’s reputation as a leader who can orchestrate success even in the most complex scenarios.

Meadowlands Redevelopment

In the colossal Meadowlands Redevelopment, the CEO was entrusted with procuring a staggering 42,000 tons of fabricated and erected structural steel from multiple fabricators and erectors. This project illuminated the CEO’s prowess in managing large-scale procurement operations with unmatched finesse.

Hudson Yards Project

A pivotal role in reviewing and repricing contract entitlements exceeding $30M in change orders for the Hudson Yards project highlighted the CEO’s remarkable acumen in navigating intricate contractual matters. This accomplishment ensured that clients consistently received outcomes that exceeded their expectations.

Legal Triumphs Through Expert Testimony

The CEO’s appearance as an expert witness in a trial for PSEG resulted in a remarkable recovery of $6M for the client, establishing an undeniable legacy in providing compelling expert testimony in legal proceedings related to steel construction.

Contributions to Industry Knowledge

The CEO has not only achieved excellence in steel construction but has also made significant contributions to the dissemination of knowledge. Through the authorship of illuminating articles on the economics of steel design, the CEO has enriched the insights available to engineers, architects, construction managers, owners’ representatives, and owners’ agents.

Commitment to Education and Empowerment

The CEO’s commitment to education is evident through state certifications for teaching seismic design and building hardening. This reflects a dedication to empowering professionals within the industry and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Educational Foundation

The CEO’s academic journey includes a degree in Civil Engineering from Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, and a Master of Science in Engineering Project Management from the University of Leeds, UK. This academic foundation, combined with extensive industry experience, equips the CEO with a comprehensive perspective encompassing both technical and managerial dimensions of steel construction projects.

A Future of Exceptional Success

In summation, our CEO brings an unparalleled fusion of skills and accomplishments to the forefront, poised to deliver exceptional results in the intricate world of steel construction. With a proven history of driving substantial cost reductions, pioneering winning strategies in legal proceedings, and contributing extensively to the knowledge base of the industry, our CEO is an unwavering force that propels every project to unparalleled success.


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